Wednesday, December 24


Is it not?

Feroz Khan was a Parsi.

When he wanted to marry Indira Gandhi and she agreed, her father Nehru was reluctant to marry her off to Feroz!

Then our Mahatma Gandhi announced that he would adapt Feroze and lend him the name of Gandhi!

Then he himself has performed the marriage, convincing Mr. Nehru.

Our modern World history starts with the words “When Constantinople yielded to the Turks………..”! Nobody know why it yielded to the Turks!

The ancient Turks (‘Turushkulu’ in Telugu) had divided later into so many Religions, Sub-Religions, Sects and Sub-Sects—like Shias, Sunnis, Jews, Zorastrians, Dawoodi Bohras, Parsis, Bondilis etc.

The only common bond among these is ‘Suntee’ in Telugu, ‘barmitzvah’ for Jews, and ‘Male Organ Circumcission’ in Science & Surgery!

(Please correct me if I am wrong in case of any of these sects.)

So far as ‘kur-An’ is concerned, there is never a reference to the word ‘Muslim’ in the entire Text!

The followers of ‘Islam’ were called ‘Musalmaan’s! The Western People, who could not pronounce the word properly used to pronounce ‘Moslems’ and later it has transformed into the word ‘Muslims’!

In India also, the followers of Prophet Mohammed were called ‘Mohammadans’!

But the irony is, the Indian Media has created a separate Religion/Sect known as ‘Muslim Sodarulu’!

They are neither Mohammadans, Muslims, Islam followers, Turks, Shias, Sunnis, Parsis etc., but a separate entity!

(Please read, in any print media, no single word ‘Muslim’ is printed! Only ‘Muslim Sodarulu’ is found!

Hear any electronic media—no single word ‘Muslim’ is heard! Only ‘Muslim Sodarulu’ is heard!—

What a pinnacle of hipocracy!)

Why don’t we call a Spade a Spade—at least now?


Anonymous said...

Krishna Sree గారు,

Zoroastrian and Parsis are one and the same. These people lived in Persia (present day Iran) for ages. And these were close cousins (at least in culture, religion, belief systems and Gods and Goddesses) to Vedic Indians.

" ... Some members of the Indian Zoroastrian community (the Parsis) contend that a child must have a Parsi father to be eligible for introduction into the faith ..."

Feroze Gandhy, Feroze Khan, Feroze Gandhi are three different names for the same person.

"Gandhy" is his mother's last name.
"Khan" is his father's last name.
"Gandhi" is given by Mahatma Gandhi

One can google and more information about Feroze, the husband of India Nehru Gandhi.

Krishna Sree said...

Dear Anonymous!

Thank U for your quest 'n' results!

For all I know, Zoroastrians are followers of 'Zarathushtra' and Parsis have nothing to do with 'Pershia' of 'Prussia'. Parsis, even today, leave the dead to be eaten by the vultures on top of a sacred hill! No such custom was heard of in Persia!

Only some of Indian Mohammadans looked to 'Aga Khan' (I don't know whether he is Persian or not). Later when the Shah of Iran was being dethroned, my friends actually wept uttering 'What America is doing is not good! They will learn a lesson soon!'

Mind you, they are 'Shias'! Not Sunnis!

let's do some more research! Shall we?

Anonymous said...

Krishna Sree గారు,

Zoroastrians and Parsis are one and the same people. Please read the history of people of Persia (present day Iran).

When Arabs (Muslims) invaded and conquered Persia and started persecuting Persian people, most of them were converted to Islam and a minority of them migrated to India for protection and safety. The converted people in Persia choose to follow Shia branch of Islam.

Krishna Sree said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous!

Once again Thank you for your comment.

I stand corrected so far as parsis origin is from Persia and these religions are one and the same.

My point is even such websites use the word 'muslims' very freely! Only the Turks, who lived in Turkey were the followers of Mohammad and they captured Constantinople! They started converting through persecution etc. people of other religions into the faith of Islam!

Where come the Muslims?